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Shit Is Getting Real

We here at P3 have been talking a long time about this being our main gig. I mean, what creative wouldn’t want to do their own projects after working gigs where other people think they are way more creative than you are…Even though you are the creative for a living, and they do accounting.

Regardless, after nearly 12 years in the creative business, this is something we at Philly Puddy Designs are going to focus on more. With the team we have, the actors and actresses willing to work with us, the acting classes we teach, the popular web shows we do, and the list goes on, we are to the point where we feel if we don’t leap now, we never will. So be prepared to see more homegrown creative content from us here at P3. We’ve done enough practice…It’s time to make the projects we want to see come alive happen.