The Corrosive Thread - Dalia Raymond is a newly hired anger management counselor who could never prepare for the impact her first day would have on those in the room...nor how it would cause her own demons to surface.

Outside In: Getting Lost and Found in Alaska - A photographer goes to Alaska to get lost in the beauty of nature, and in the process, finds himself again.

Miss You (2019) - A short horror film and story written, directed, edited and performed by Philip C Lee for Halloween 2019.

A Bad Day For Company (2018) - Truancy? Pot Smoking? Child Protective Services? Just another day in a dysfunctional Texas family suburb.

The Real Life Crisis of Sydney (2016) - A surreal coming of age comedy about a girl who is torn between becoming a woman and being herself.

Into Day Enters The Dark (2015) - A short horror thriller about a home invasion and dark forces at work between friends.

Behind The Nose (2015) - A feature mockumentary about a troop of clowns who lose their circus. Created by Team Teamwork with post production by P3.

Extra Credit From Hell (2015) - A short comedy horror movie about 7 kids who summon Satan while creating a project for extra credit.

Bromance On Film - Blood Freak S3Ep006 - a monthly comedy web series where people make fun of really bad movies while they play.