About P3

Austin Independent Film Production


We answer only to our creative consciousness and nothing else.


We're not asking for permission. We're already doing it.


Story over style, but our style is pretty cool, too.


We'll sleep when we're dead. As for now, we're making stuff.

We have tried the schmoozing and whatnot…and quite frankly, it’s boring. Name dropping, shameless self promotion, blah, blah, blah. We hear a lot of talk, we really don’t see much getting done.

To us, the Austin film industry is a big, bloated stomach full of preservatives and GMO’s. Instead of lifting up new creatives, it is designed to alienate those who are not a part of the club. But that’s not how the whole industry started, is it? In the beginning, no one was a member. We believe the internet has created the “hard reset” the film industry as a whole has needed for a minute.

In a world where endless sequels, remakes and comic book universes are consistently and nauseatingly churned out, where data analysts sit in dimly lit offices and decided what “the people” want to see, there are stories not being told. We tell those stories, because we want to see those stories. Where most will say modern movies are “universes” are becoming tedious, it’s not from a lack of independent voices who are trying! Creativity and originality in film still exists. It’s just buried under a red carpet many will never be invited to walk because they are not a part of the club.We’re over the

Here at P3, we create original, independent films and shows. Here is where we take risks. Budgets be damned. We are here to enable and foster the creative ideas of ourselves and others. We are huge fans of original content without the need to create franchises. We are an independent film collective in Austin. We’re currently working with amazing talent and are open to other creatives in Austin who love film and want to participate. We are inclusive, diverse and, most of all, ready to make movies.

So let’s do this shit.

Behind The Scenes

Philip C Lee

Philip C Lee is an Austin, TX based director/actor/writer/editor. Born in New Jersey, raised in Pennsylvania and now residing in Austin, TX, Phil has been involved in creativity his whole life, either as a musician or an actor or as a film and multimedia content creator.

David Matthew Collins

David Matthew Collins is an Austin, TX based cinematographer/producer for P3. Born in Louisiana, raised in Houston and now residing in Austin, TX, he has had a stellar career in creativity production, and is an equal partner in P3.

Jessica Looney - P3 - Austin Independent Film

Jessica L Looney

Jessica Looney studied under Harry Mastrogeorge in Los Angeles and at Circle in the Square in New York. Her credits include Dazed and Confused, The Only Thrill, Temple Grandin, The Bernie Mac Show, and TV movies for NBC, CBS and Lifetime. She is a producer and location manager for P3.

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