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Bromance On Film (2016 – 2021) was a monthly web series comedy where people made fun of really bad movies while they played. Very much for fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), only no robots nor mad scientists. Unfortunately, a company came in to YouTube after 5 years of this being published and gaining traction to claim copyright violations. Since YouTube doesn’t really care about the creators or their rights anymore (unless they make a ton of advertising money of them, that is), they just banned all of my channels from YouTube, including channels that were for our own work. However, we still have all the best episodes right here. They are all very, very bad. You’re welcome. We are not trying to make money off of these. They are only for fair use viewing. We did this show for fun, and had no idea it would last as long as it did.

A thing of note is that we did all of this for 4 years, every month (except Season 3), and with very little crew. In fact, most of the time, Phil was the only crew available. It gives one a good view as to the talent and discipline involved here.

Enjoy some of our fan favorites!

S1Ep001 – “Grizzly”
An eighteen-foot-tall grizzly bear terrorizes a state park, leaving Ranger Mike Kelly, photographer Allison Corwin, naturist Arthur Scott, and chopper pilot Don Stober to track down the beast.

S1Ep002 – “Hospital of Terror” (aka “Nurse Sherri”)
A hospital nurse is possessed by an evil spirit, and proceeds to kill off the hospital’s patients.

S1Ep004 – “Don’t Open Till Christmas”
Somebody with very little Christmas spirit is killing anyone in a Santa suit one London holiday season, and Scotland Yard has to stop him before he makes his exploits an annual tradition.

S1Ep007 – “Invasion Inner Earth”
A group of young pilots in a remote region of the Canadian wilderness begin to hear strange reports over their radios about planes crashing, cars stalling and a deadly plague which has gripped the planet

S1Ep009 – “Night of the Demon”
An anthropologist and his students attempt to track down a Bigfoot responsible for a rash of violent murders, only to uncover something even more sinister.

S2Ep003 – “The Alien Dead”
A meteor hits a houseboat, turning its occupants into zombies feeding on alligators. As reptiles dwindle, they target townspeople.

S2Ep002 – “To All A Good Night”
A group of teenagers at a party find themselves being stalked by a maniacal killer in a Santa Claus costume.

S2Ep003 – “The Slayer”
Somebody with very little Christmas spirit is killing anyone in a Santa suit one London holiday season, and Scotland Yard has to stop him before he makes his exploits an annual tradition.

S2Ep004 – “Caltiki, The Immortal Monster”
A team of archaeologists in Mexico encounter an amorphous, blob-like monster that appears to be connected with the collapse of the Mayan civilization.

S2Ep005 – “The Prey”
Three couples go on a camping trip in the woods of southern California during the summer, where a deformed man is stalking their camp.

S2Ep006 – “Scalps”
A group of archeological students venture on Indian land for a dig. Unfortunately, they release an evil spirit who possesses one of them and starts killing the others.

S2Ep010 – “Oasis of the Zombies”
An expedition searching for treasure supposedly buried by the German army in the African desert during WWII comes up against an army of Nazi zombies guarding the fortune.

S3Ep001 – “Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter”
Dr. Maria Frankenstein transplants an artificial brain of her own creation into the skull of Jesse James’ slow-witted friend Hank Tracy and names him Igor.

S3Ep003 – “Octaman”
A team of researchers discovers a strange mutation of man and octopus who proceeds to terrorize them.

S3Ep004 – “Christmas Evil”
A toy factory worker, mentally scarred as a child upon learning Santa Claus is not real, suffers a nervous breakdown after being belittled at work.

S3Ep005 – “Dracula Vs. Frankenstein”
Dracula conspires with a mad doctor to resurrect the Frankenstein Monster.

S3Ep006 – “Blood Freak”
A biker gets a job at a turkey farm and agrees to act as guinea pig for some chemicals that need tested, failing to anticipate the murderous side effects.

S4Ep001 – “Carnage”
Carol and Jonathan, a newlywed couple, move into their new house which is haunted by the ghosts of another newlywed couple who committed suicide.

S4Ep003 – “Ghosts of Hanley House”
Five people bet they can spend the night in the said-haunted Hanley house. Things get dicey when some eerie manifestations occur.

S4Ep004 – “Blood Beat”
A young woman accompanies her boyfriend to his family’s rural Wisconsin home for Christmas, where the spirit of a Japanese samurai begins wreaking havoc on them.

S4Ep005 – “Fiend”
An evil spirit Possesses the corpse of a diseased man. It must absorb the life energy of the living, in order for the corpse to not rot away.

S4Ep006 – “The Thirsty Dead”
Beautiful young girls are kidnapped off the streets of Manila by a death cult that needs their blood to remain immortal.

S4Ep008 – “Good Against Evil”
A writer, Andy Stuart, teams up with an exorcist, Father Kemschler, to battle Satan, and a group of Devil worshipers led by Mr. Rimmin.

S4Ep010 – “The Alpha Incident”
A microorganism from Mars, brought to Earth by a space probe, terrorizes passengers in a railroad office.